Discopathy and Disc Herniation

Discopathy and Disc Herniation The most common cause of lumbosacral / lumbosacral / radiculitis (up to 90% of cases) is lumbar / lumbar / disc herniation. It occurs on the basis of osteochondrosis of the vertebrae / chronic non-inflammatory disease of the spine and its ligaments /. The disease process primarily affects the intervertebral discs. Lateral […]

Massage Frequency

Massage Frequency The massage is dosed near the approximate force of pressure, the nature of the predominance. The last massage will last and its duration. Exceptional effect on the nerves shows mainly light, prolonged ingestion and waste, easy rubbing and crushing. When reducing pathological conditions (fractures, heating, increased energy excitability, bleeding) is preferred and used […]

Neck/Shoulder Radiculitis and Plexitis

Neck / Shoulder Radiculitis and Plexitis Pain in the neck and shoulders is second in frequency after the lumbosacral. Of the common causes, the most common are infections / angina, flu, other viral infections /. Other causes are intoxications, vaccinations, immunizations with anti-tetanus serum. Local causes of cervical radiculitis and plexitis are osteochondrosis (a degenerative […]

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